About Us

Raman Greens, a venture of AISECT group, aims to bring about a healthy and sustainable change in the lifestyle of people, by launching a range of products, focussing on natural indigenous ingredients and the traditional healthy ways of creating products.
We are introducing products that are premium, sustainable and inspired by Mother Nature, right at your doorstep. We’re a brand rooted in nostalgia, with a commitment to authenticity, an old-world tradition and a desire to serve you with top-quality products.
Raman Greens is also consciously trying to play its part in the whole value chain, by working closely with the farmers and local small enterprises by building their capacity, providing them the relevant skills training and providing much required market linkages for their produce.
We hope you would enjoy our Healthy products, bringing about a healthy change in the lifestyle as well as smiles on the faces of Millet Farmers!